Paddle offers SaaS companies a completely different way to sell online — it’s the only fully-integrated platform that can flex to their customer’s specific journey. As they navigated creating a new brand, Paddle approached us with the need for a video to tell its story and bring their new visual system to life. Partnering with the Paddle team, we worked to capture the essence of the product while connecting to the emotions of its potential customers using a range of techniques including illustration, animated typography and live action. The final result strikes a balance of artfulness and accessibility and clarity.
In an attempt to communicate the emotional benefits of Paddle to it's customers, we looked for visually arresting but immediately comprehensible ways to represent the many anxiety-inducing obstacles that come along with starting a business in contrast to the energizing freedom of growth.
Representing the user journey
From the beginning of this project, it was clear that portraying the human side of Paddle was going to be crucial. Since so much of the piece involved abstract interpretations of running a business, using characters sparingly but effectively was key to giving the video the human element it needed.
Focusing on the wide variety of users and their journeys in a holistic way opened the door for how to show people. Growth and evolution is key for users in their ventures, so we crafted a varied cast through a quick succession of frames, displaying different personal styles and backgrounds, and ultimately zeroing in on their shoes for a deep but playful look into that journey and those that walk it with Paddle.
Typography & Live Action
We combined a striking use of dynamic typography, live action footage and illustrated elements. This allowed us to clearly and concisely communicate the struggles Paddle users faced on their journeys when necessary, while still being able to connect on an emotional level. Live action and typography could more clearly convey concepts like fraud, subscription management, and tax compliance, while a more illustrative style would do a better job of representing the more abstract and personal struggles of running a business.
Working with client
needs in real time
As Paddle was experiencing the evolutions and continuous learnings of a rebrand, we were able to take their findings and improve the video to build a stronger story in real time. A direct partnership with their design team meant we could collaboratively tighten the best message and visual approach to create excitement and solidify Paddle as the leader in SaaS payment infrastructure.
Directed By
Creative Direction
Allen Laseter
Lindsey Laseter
Paddle Brand Team
Jonathan Mayes
Bianca Dragan
James Newman
Art Direction & Design
Allen Laseter
Mathijs Luijten
Reece Parker
Erik Righetti
Allen Laseter
Music & Sound
Jeff Moberg