Lasso creates moving brands.

A lot of branding studios do a little bit of motion. A lot of motion studios do a little branding. Lasso approaches both branding and motion on equal footing from the very beginning of the process to create a more powerful and intentional result.

The Studio

Led by Creative Directors Lindsey and Allen Laseter, all projects are backed with over 20 years of combined experience directing brand strategy, design, illustration, animation, and film-making.
A portrait of Lindsey Laseter
Allen Laseter
Partner, Co-Creative Director
Allen brings over ten years of animation, illustration, and directing experience to Lasso. With a foundation in film focused on directing and cinematography, Allen brings highly relatable narratives rooted in his love for cinema to the world of motion, and an artful vision to every project. His unique style and approach has led to collaborations with top studios across the globe and clients including MTV, TED-Ed, and Disney, as well as features in publications such as It's Nice That and Motionographer

A portrait of Lindsey Laseter
Partner, Co-Creative Director
Lindsey brings over ten years of branding, graphic design, and strategy experience to Lasso. Armed with a unique foundation of psychology and human behavior paired with her talent for design and business principles, she’s built her expertise through digital agencies, boutique branding studios and in-house leading teams and companies. She loves creating custom solutions that connect brands and people on a personal level, along with guiding clients and partners to create a great experience along the way.


The Client-Studio Match

Who We Work With
Lasso seeks clients who know their purpose and need a partner to make it happen. We thrive on bringing design and motion together conceptually from the inception of a brand. This creates identities and solutions that are built for our digital world to engage audiences, solve real problems for the clients we serve and make things that feel good.

Our partnerships are based on trust and collaboration, with openness to new ideas and solutions for an ever changing world. We guide our clients through the creative process with clarity, thoughtful strategy and a sense of play.
Dream Projects
Museum Branding
Interactive Exhibits
Film Festival Branding
Title Sequences
A Children's Book Series
Public Art
Recent Collaborations & News
Events with Vox Media
We collaborated with Vox Media to bring the podcast Pivot to the stage in Miami — Hosted by PIVOT’s Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway, this three-day event featured the hottest names in business, fintech, media, and more.

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A portrait of Lindsey and Allen Laseter for their Studio Visit Interview
A Studio Visit-Interview
Nashville Design Week visited our home studio and chatted with us about why we started Lasso and how we’re designing our business around the life and work we want.

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Kate Hudson with InBloom Packaging
Delighting Customers for InBloom w. Kate Hudson
We collaborated with the holistic nutirition brand InBloom to craft packaging as they entered the retail space, plus one of a kind holiday gift packaging.
Branding a Neighborhood with the Titans
The Tennessee Titans approached Lasso as they began to  explore what a neighborhood around a renovated Nissan Stadium could become, crafting a story and way to share the concept with Nashvillians with a focus on locals.
Embracing Uncertainty with Nashville Design Week
As we shifted from the absurdities of 2020 to a new year, Nashville Design Week looked to create a new visual brand that could represent the liminal reality we all found ourselves in.

Explore the NDW 2021 Brand