Nashville Design
Week 2021

As the brand partners for Nashville Design Week the previous year, we were invited to collaborate again for 2021. As they shifted to a new year, Nashville Design Week looked to create a new visual brand that could represent and acknowledge the liminal reality of the time. 2020 was a year of absence — stripping us of "normal" within our everyday, and revealing on a global level was what missing from our lives, cultures and industries. We crafted a world that could reflect the absurdist realities we globally found ourselves within, and invite our community to join us for intentional experiences, hard conversations and new moments for moving forward.
The identity focused on shifting perspectives to reveal unexpected moments and ideas. Heightened contrast is embodied through symmetry, asymmetry, typography, color and scale. Bold typography provides a strong voice, playing with extremes in individual characters. The system overall plays with space, exploring how we exist within it.
Oddities worth reflection
As unusual representations of everyday objects, the illustrations are meant to feel mysterious and curious, to draw viewers in as well as reflect on the ambiguity of the space we’re currently in.
Getting the word
out in Nashville
We phased our promotions to start with creating intrigue through cryptic posts, working up to the opening of call for events and a clear message of what NDW was seeking to create this year in terms of conversations and topics. Print and digital ads along with a social and communication strategy created energy and excitement from the inception through the full week of events.
Wayfinding & Event Design
From in-person events to hybrid spaces, Nashville Design Week needed a system that could work for all types of events. We crafted a design system of way-finding that could exist in any type of space, along with custom digital versions to brand spaces and create impact, from on screen visuals at personal touch points like photo booths to 30 foot projections of animations at the opening party.
A One of a Kind Partnership
As Brand Partners and Creative Directors with Nashville Design Week for two years, we enjoyed a trusted partnership with the Directors and team of over 50 volunteers that make the week of events possible. With openness to unusual ideas and the chance to introduce new interpretations, crafting the platforms for pushing design forward in our city was an honor and a privilege.
Nashville Design Week
Creative Direction
Lindsey Laseter
Allen Laseter
Lindsey Laseter
Allen Laseter
Lindsey Laseter
Kate O’Neil
Elliot Roche
Ann Katherine Vitti
Maria Meyer
Allen Laseter
Lindsey Laseter
Design Support
Drew Ngyuen
Grace Evans
Daniel Meigs